Are you overpaying on your business rates?

Tens of thousands of businesses across the UK are paying too much for the rateable value of their Business.

In the current climate many Business Owners and Finance Directors will be examining their finances and looking for anywhere they can make savings. We might be able to help.

Do you know your current rateable value? Did you know that building alterations and local market conditions might make you eligible for a reduction? Do you know what the impact of legislation changes around COVID-19 means for your Business Rates?

Take our FREE and No Obligation Biz Rates challenge today and we will let you know if you are likely to be eligible for a rates reduction.

MRICS Surveyors, Increase your returms, Friendly professional service & Over 25 years experience of reducing the rateable value
MRICS Surveyors, Increase your returms, Friendly professional service & Over 25 years experience of reducing the rateable value

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We are specialists at winning Business Rates cases

Biz Rates UK Ltd are a practice of Business Rates specialist surveyors with over 25 years experience providing
strategic Business Rates advice and making successful Business Rates claims for our clients.

We have helped businesses of all sizes make business changing savings on their rates. We are skilled at producing successful business rates cases and can often find or advise how additional savings could be made. If you have challenged or are currently challenging your rates without success, get in touch.

Ask us about our no win no fee service today.

Magnum Storage – Saved £146,500

Magnum Storage Rateable Value Case Study
  • Office to warehouse conversion saving: 78%
  • Rateable value reduction: £146,500

Bar Pina – Saved £14,250

Bar Pina Rateable Value Case Study
  • Public house/restaurant bar saving 41%
  • Rateable value saving: £14,250

Battlezone – £12,500 refund + £25k grant!

Kash Retail Rateable Value Case Study
  • Leisure facility saving 15% plus
  • £25,000 Small Business Leisure Relief Grant!

Pie Jackers – Now pay zero rates! 

Pie Jackers Rateable Value Case Study
  • Solicitors office to restaurant conversion
  • RV down 35% – refunded £8,750 in 2019/20

“Thankfully, Biz Rates were successful in their challenge and our new rateable value was significantly lower.”

Joe Cribley, Bar Pina

“We’d tried to appeal without any progress. This result exceeded our expectations. Highly recommended!”

Dan Cass, Magnum Storage

“I was extremely pleased with the end result. It makes our business much more viable.”

Julie Fletcher, Pie Jackers

“Biz Rates are thorough, knowledgeable & professionals. I would recommend them to anyone.”

Roy Bradley, Battlezone Laser

“Biz Rates dealt with the problem quickly and efficiently. We would highly recommend Biz Rates.”

Niall Deas, Method

“At Biz Rates UK Ltd we provide specialist and strategic Business Rates advice.

To start with, we suggest every business checks their rates. In fact we can check them for you, it’ll give you peace of mind at the very least. Our rates check service is free of charge and there are no obligations once you’ve had them checked.

Should we discover you will be eligible to claim for a rebate you have two options – appeal your rates yourself or take up our No Win No Fee service that has reaped rewards for thousands of clients. We’re happy to advise on the best approach given your specific case.

Unlike large surveying practices, if we take on work it means you will have a senior Business Rates specialist surveyor working your appeal and we take on Business Rates cases of all sizes.”

Jonathan Weastell, Business Rates Specialist, MRICS Chartered Surveyor

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A secure Business Rates service for Surveyors

We offer a secure Business Rates service for Surveyors whose clients may benefit from a rates reduction.

We know that your clients are valuable to you and our offer allows your clients to access the highest quality Business Rates specialists, but importantly as we do not offer any other services, we will never try to cross sell to them or pass their details within our business.

Talk to us today about how we can help you add risk free value to your client relationships.

Am I likely to be eligible for a Business Rates reduction?

There are any number of reasons why a business paying Business Rates might be eligible to save money on their Business Rates. This can include refunds backdated to February 2017. The key opportunities exist around:

Existing incorrect valuation
The delayed Revaluation in 2023
Effects of Covid-19
Physical effects on premises that may allow short term relief
Vacant rates mitigation

The first stage is to get your Business Rates checked and we offer a FREE, no obligation service that takes you less than two minutes to complete.