Another 100% rates reduction! Why it pays to ask an expert…

MRICS Surveyors, Increase your returns

We were delighted to recently achieve a 100% rates reduction for a local office occupier in a challenging financial situation.

Our client had taken on an office facility for which they believed they would be eligible for zero rates.  A short while later they received an unexpected back dated bill, which had not been accounted for.

Given that lockdown was also restricting trade and a lack of eligibility for any government grants, the occupier was under financial pressure.

Prior to contacting Biz Rates the occupier took the Business Rates anomaly up with the Local Authority and tried to appeal their rates. As is all to often the case, they got nowhere.

Once they contacted Business Rates we were determined to help.

We offered our No Win No Fee service and with over 25 years experience, knowledge of the process and attention to detail, we were able to revisit the appeal and formulate a more robust case.

We got a result – 100% rates relief this year! Another success and a Business changing saving!

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