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Retail unit – Saved £20,000, a 100% reduction!

Our client Barsali Developments purchased a former blockbuster video retail unit in a suburb of Middlesbrough in 2019 with the intention of redevelopment.

Covid related issues have delayed progress however the business was still paying empty business rates to the tune of £20,000.

We submitted our case the Valuation Office and successfully reduced the RV to £0 going back 18 months.

  • Old rateable value: £20,000
  • New rateable value: £0
  • Rateable value saving: £20,000
  • Percentage saving: 100%
  • Refund: £6,500 in 2019/2020
Bar Pina make Business rates saving

Barsali Developments

“I had instructed Biz Rates to look at another property, when this new development came up in conversation.

The previous tenant had used the mandatory 3 months vacant rates and I thought I had to pay the vacant rates, but Jonathan said he would have a look at the case just in case.

Biz Rates have surpassed my expectations and I would recommend anyone to have a review with them on all properties.’’

Jonathan Weastell, Head of Rating

“This is a great example of how communication and keeping in touch can pay dividends!

Whilst looking at an alternative case for Barsali Developments they mentioned a retail unit they had bought for redevelopment in Middlesbrough. Despite the impact of COVID and associated restrictions their rateable value of £20,000 hadn’t changed.

I investigated and was able to make a successful appeal to have their rateable value reduced to zero – a critical saving at an important time for their investment.”

Jonathan Weastell, MRICS Surveyor, Biz Rates UK Ltd

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