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Robertson Simpson – partial occupation & office reconfiguration

Our client Robertson Simpson own a two storey office and there was an opportunity to let out the complete ground floor which currently was partially occupied by another company.

We were asked to look at reconfiguring the second floor office space to benefit both companies.

The division of the upper floor office space was successful and as a result all parties qualified for Small Business Rates relief and the rates bill reduced to £0.

  • Original rateable value: £18,250
  • Original liability: £9,231
  • Revised rateable value £11,750
  • New liability: £0
  • 2020/2021 rate year savings £9,231
Mark Robertson, MD Robertson Simpson Business Rates success

Mark Robertson, MD Robertson Simpson

“We have worked with Biz Rates on a few projects, we took their advice on our own premises and were delighted at the outcome. This represented significant and timely saving to our business in these Covid affected times.

We were glad we took some professional advice as our proposal would not have resulted in a £0 rates liability.

I would definitely recommend Biz Rates.”

Jonathan Weastell, Head of Rating

“These types of cases can have hidden pitfalls, consideration needs to be given to the effects of the size of the office space, common area issues and the liability status of the tenants.

“Due to the existing configuration, a nominal cost to the owner ensured a £0 rates bill. The configuration was perfect being within £250 of the £12,000 threshold.

“All parties now have a £0 rates liability. A satisfying outcome for the client and us.”

Jonathan Weastell Biz Rates UK Ltd

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